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    May 1, 2020 chris News

    Cherry, Tumbling Toms or Beefsteak – the benefits of growing Tomatoes in a garden4me raised planter

    Everyone will tell you – with tomatoes it’s all about sunshine, watering and feeding. Well we can’t do anything about the sunshine but with a garden4me raised planter we can certainly address the issues of watering and feeding.
    Our planters are the perfect growing ‘vehicle’ for Tomatoes – an in-built 20 litre self-regulating reservoir means there is a constant source of water for this the thirstiest of plant types, and into this reservoir you can also put the liquid feed to ensure they have all the nutrients they need to flourish.
    What’s more, the planters are so versatile you can grow just about any type of tomato you want, the deep growing bed allows you to plant the larger varieties, while at the same time you can grow smaller varieties, whilst taking advantage of the fact that the planter is raised off the ground to grow trailers as well.
    Our garden4me raised planters are perfect for growing tomatoes, and with our growing pocket dividers you can split the bed into 10 plots to contain roots or safely mix your crop giving them the optimum chance to flourish.
    The reservoir will last about a week generally in the height of summer without topping up when growing tomatoes, but you can’t over water – any excess will drain out of the bottom via an overflow system meaning your plants can never waterlog or rot.
    Why not visit our shop to see the range of planters, growing pockets and polytunnels available to buy click here