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    Jul 6, 2018 Garden4Me Monthly Calendar

    happy gardening July !

    Summer’s continuing – July is often one of the hottest months of the year and a great time to sit out and enjoy your outdoor space.

    During hot spells it’s important we don’t waste water. If you have a lawn and it’s looking parched, you don’t need to water it – as soon as it rains again grass will quickly recover.

    And gardening in one of our garden4me planters means your plants are going to stay constantly hydrated – they will take up just the amount of water they need from the 20-litre built-in reservoir – so you won’t be wasting any water. Just remember to keep the reservoir topped up during the hottest spells.

    Handy Monthly Tips

    Keep plants looking good by regularly dead-heading, and you’ll enjoy a longer display of blooms.

    Cut back growth of your flowering plants in your raised planter and any smaller containers and hanging baskets to encourage new flowers and foliage – and it will also revive the display.

    Make sure you that feed your plants at this time of year – this is easy to do in a garden4me raised planter as a liquid feed can be added to the reservoir.

    Summer can still throw out some weather surprises so make sure tall plants are well supported in case of any stormy weather.

    If you have foxgloves, snapdragons and lupins then cut back just those sections of the flower spike that have faded, taking care to leave any secondary shoots that may be growing. You may get a second flush of flowers.
    Roses grow well in gardenr4me raised planters – they love the sunshine and the reservoir means they won’t dry out – choose a patio variety and feed with a rose fertiliser.

    Vegetables & Fruit

    Brussels sprouts and sprouting broccoli should go in this month. But beware that everything is out to get them so it’s better to cover in close netting to keep out caterpillars and pigeons. It’s easy to add a netting to one of our raised planters.

    Once strawberries are over cut off old and tired foliage – lift rooted runners and transplant them to new beds or pots to make new plants.

    If you’re growing French beans, courgettes, radishes, carrots, mangetout and potatoes then harvest these when they are little and tender. They are far better and tastier than they will be when they reach “shop size”.
    Tomatoes need plenty of water now and feeding regularly now so make sure your reservoir is topped up and add in a liquid tomato feed.

    Did you know?

    ‘Cut and come again’ salad leaves are ideal to grow in your garden4me raised planter – and perfect for a salad on these warm evenings. The compost in the planter stays well drained which salad leaves like – and at the same time they get a constant supply of all the water they need from the built-in reservoir.

    It is best to harvest leaves in the morning when they are at their freshest. Try to only harvest what you need for each day as baby leaves can wilt quickly. If you need to store them, dampen leaves with tap water and put them in a plastic bag in the salad compartment of the fridge.

    garden4me Flower of the Month

    Patio roses can be grown in your planter and look beautiful!

    garden4me Crop of the Month

    Salad leaves – easy to grow in your raised planter and perfect with your summer barbecue!!

    Coming in the August calendar – more handy hints, flower of the month, veg of the month