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    Jun 8, 2018 Garden4Me Monthly Calendar

    happy gardening June!

    It’s glorious June and a busy month in the garden – any chance of frost has passed, days are long and flowers and vegetables should be lush and green with new growth.

    In hot weather the single most important thing you can do in the garden is keep the plants well watered – for those gardening in one of our garden4me planters this isn’t a problem as the 20 litre built-in reservoir will keep plants fully hydrated even during the hottest spells – and without the fear of waterlogging as plants will take up just what they need. And don’t forget a liquid feed can be added to the reservoir to keep plants fed and healthy.

    Handy Monthly Tips

    Plant out annual summer bedding plants now the risk of frost has passed.

    Thin out any drifts of hardy annuals if they’re overcrowded.

    If any of your plants have become leggy or misshapen, simply trim the excess off – this will encourage bushy growth.

    If you’re growing sweet peas, then as soon as they start to flower, keep picking them to encourage more blooms – and dead-head roses when flowered.

    Dead-head and cut back oriental poppies after flowering. Cutting them close to ground level will stimulate new foliage.

    Vegetables & Fruit

    Keep sowing rows of quick-growing salad crops such as spring onions, radishes and lettuces for a constant supply of crunchy salads.

    Remember smaller crops will be produced when over-crowded sowings are made so any unwanted seedlings should be carefully removed.

    And don’t forget if you’re growing carrots then with the garden4me raised planter standing at over 70cm from the ground, the threat of invasion by Carrot Fly is diminished significantly.

    To improve pollination for tomatoes just tap the flowers.

    Now’s the time to enjoy strawberries and they’re so easy to grow in our raised planters. And remember, the more you pick, the more will grow, so harvest your strawberries regularly. If you end up with too many, why not preserve them so you can enjoy the taste of summer later in the year. Making jam is one of the most popular ways of preserving – and nothing compares to the taste of home grown strawberry jam!


    Did you know garden4me raised planters are perfect for growing your own herb garden? And you can use our growing pockets to contain the roots of the more vigorous growers and even use different compost types.

    Herbs will grow quickly in our raised planters as the double walled construction promotes growth – pick herbs in the morning before their essential oils are released by the heat of the day. These can be dried by tying into small bundles and hanging upside down in a warm place. Once dry, take off the leaves and store in jars. Sprigs can also be dried in the microwave by laying on kitchen paper and microwaving for up to 2 or 3 minutes. Do check every half a minute or so. Once the herbs are cool, crumble them and store. Alternatively, store herbs by freezing into ice cube trays. This works particularly well for mint, basil and parsley.

    The essential oils in lavender are at their most potent when the flashes of the petals are only just showing, and so this is the time to pick them for culinary use or for the making of lavender pillows. Hang small bunches in a dark, airy place to dry them for storage.

    garden4me Flower of the Month

    Lavender makes a lovely display in your planter and can be dried for its scent !

    garden4me Fruit of the Month

    Strawberries – easy to grow in your raised planter – and so tasty and nutritious!

    Coming in the July calendar – more handy hints, flower of the month, veg of the month